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Anything but Dull

The Personal Letters of R.E. Jack: His Legacy from Maine to California 1856-1869

About the Book

The son of seafaring parents in the agrarian 1800s, R. Edgar Jack became the partner of California pioneer Colonel W.W. Hollister and a family member. Where his ancestors sailed the seas, R. Edgar Jack sailed from coast to coast to traverse California on horseback to make his fortune as a wool producer of the world.

Love of family, focus, service, and leadership are hallmarks exposed in this rare collection of personal letters. Genealogy is revealed and current events are documented. A plethora of topics are found among the lines including Gettysburg, Indians, topography, weather, and the cost of living. The notable names of Dix, Rosecrans and Flint entered his life and played a role in its story.

From horseback to the Iron Horse a remarkable life such as R.E. Jack is what legends are made of. The Jack homestead of Bowdoinham, Maine plowed the way for his great Cholame Jack Ranch and his historic Jack House of San Luis Obispo.

Influential in his lifetime his personal letters are a historical adventure, while the character of R. Edgar Jack is a model to behold.

Author Friedl Bell

About the Author

Marilyn L. Darnell has been writing since it was a part of her curriculum in school. Her writing career began as a pen pal with over a dozen of them at one time in her youth. She honed her skill over decades by keeping a journal and progressed into writing articles for a local magazine.

Her desire to offer guests a souvenir of the historic Jack House and still others an introduction to the home, she penned The House That R. Jack Built. Writing Anything but Dull The Personal Letters Of R.E. Jack: His Legacy from Maine to California 1856-1869 expanded her horizons beyond the page to combine her other interests of history, genealogy and travel.

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To read the Preface and Introduction of Anything but Dull, please click here.

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