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GrCI Laboratory Testing Services

Request any of the following:

IGT Printability Test (Flexo & Gravure)

To test the compatibility of substrates and ink used in the flexographic and gravure printing processes.

IGT Printability Test (Litho)

To test the compatibility of substrates and ink used in the lithographic printing process.


To measure ink tack for sheet-fed and web printing.

Brookfield Viscometer (Flexo and Gravure)

To measure the viscosity of inks for flexographic and gravure printing.

TMI Ink Rub Test

To determine the rub resistance of ink and toner once printed on substrates.


To measure the fineness of grind or dispersion and size of particles in inks that can cause scratches in printed images.

Laray Viscometer (Litho)

For determining the viscosity of ink used in lithography.

TMI Tear Test (Elmendorf Type)

To measure tear resistance and strength of paper.

Novo Gloss Meter @ 60 degrees

To measure paper gloss and light reflectance tendencies.

Photovolt Test with Brightness and Opacity Modules

To test the brightness and opacity of paper used in printing.

Substrate Thickness Test

Dead Weight Caliper Test - To measure the thickness of substrates used in printing.

X-Rite 518 Spectrodensitometer

For determining density, color, dot gain, trap, print contrast, and hue error and grayness of printing ink and toners.

IGT Pick Tester

To test paper surface strength and the relationship between surface strength and paper picking tendencies.

Press Testing

A variety of one-color and four-color sheet-fed and web presses are available for plate tests, blanket tests, roller tests, fountain solution tests and overall printability and runability tests for substrates and ink.

Consumables Testing

Many test procedures are available for verifying the condition of paper, ink, blankets, plates and other press room and prepress consumables.

Other customized testing is available upon request.

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