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GrCI publishing services include editing, book design, printing, binding and finishing, and marketing. The GrCI will put together a customized team of faculty and students for your specific project.

Whether a coffee table book or a print-on-demand paperback, the GrCI has the knowledge and expertise needed to publish and produce your next book. The GrCI partners with University Graphic Systems, the department’s student-run printing and publishing organization on book projects, as well as other quality-minded outside resources.

Recent Publishing Projects

Mike Bruno's History

Mike Bruno's History of Printing in the 20th Century

By Michael H. Bruno

This book details the development of offset lithography and other printing methods in the 20th Century. It also documents the life of a unique person— Michael H. Bruno.

Halftoning Strategies for Color Printing

Halftoning Strategies for Color Printing

By Gary Field

From its first commercial applications in the 1890s to today, halftone structure choices for color printing have presented ongoing challenges to inventors and practitioners alike. The two competing approaches: random element versus regimented element, keep reminding us of the trade offs that are made during the color reproduction process. This book explores halftone screening choices with quality-related factors in mind.

From Czernowtiz to the German Order of Merit

From Czernowitz to the German Order of Merit: A Memoir of Cultural History and Autobiography

By Bianca Rosenthal

Focusing on the everyday life in Czernowitz of the 1930s, this is an eye-witness account of the author’s childhood, teenage years and young adulthood. The author manages to capture decisive events of the 20th century in individual chapters, each covering one year along with vignettes of daily life. After an adventurous escape from the Russians, the author remains in defeated West Germany until 1951 when she came to the United States.

History of The Phototypesetting Era

The Color Printing Revolution: Productivity! Creativity! Quality!

By Gary Field

Digital technology produced astonishing advances in prepress productivity, unleashing many creative possibilities and image quality improvements. Progress in printing technologies also raised color quality and productivity. Today’s subsequent availability of inexpensive, high-quality color images, has greatly enriched us all. The book is the story of the modern color printing era from its birth in the 1890s to today.

History of The Phototypesetting Era

History of the Phototypesetting Era

By Frank Romano

History of the Phototypesetting Era documents advances in technology that changed the printing and publishing industries from 1945 to 1985. The book captures the spirit of Cal Poly’s Learn by Doing teaching philosophy, as author and research professor Frank Romano directed and assisted students in producing the book and in turn are credited as co-authors with Romano.

Lessons from the Range

Lessons from the Range: Adventures of a Working Cowboy

By Gary L. Williams

Lessons from the Range tells the exciting true story of real-life cowboy Gary L. Williams and his adventures as a working cowboy. As told by Williams, "I reside in San Luis Obispo County, California. Since my wife Elissa wanted me to finally settle down and take up roots, we purchased our home in 1995. I just couldn't give up my dream to be a working cowboy, however. That was when my contract cowboy adventures went into full swing. This book is made up of short stories from early childhood to the present day, still chasing my dream as a working cowboy."

Anything but Dull

Anything but Dull: The Personal Letters of R.E. Jack: His Legacy from Maine to California 1856-1869

By Marilyn L. Darnell

The son of seafaring parents in the agrarian 1800s, R. Edgar Jack became the partner of California pioneer Colonel W.W. Hollister and a family member. Where his ancestors sailed the seas, R. Edgar Jack sailed from coast to coast to traverse California on horseback to make his fortune as a wool producer of the world.

She Cried For Mother Russia

She Cried For Mother Russia

By Friedl E. Semans Bell

After a first printing sellout, She Cried For Mother Russia has gone to press for a second printing. This is the fascinating story of Russian princess Tatiana Volkonsky, who narrowly escaped death from marauding Bolsheviks after the Russian Revolution in 1917. A book about intrigue, perseverance, and relationships, this is a must-read for anyone interested in San Luis Obispo, Cal Poly, or Russian history.

Canvas Magazine

Canvas Magazine — The world's first interactive printed electronic magazine cover!

The February 2011 issue of Canvas Magazine features the world’s first interactive printed electronic cover. Even though there has been another magazine that utilized E-Ink, this cover incorporates printed electronics in two important ways: user engagement and entirely printed circuitry. What’s more, this innovative cover used entirely familiar, commercially available materials and conventional printing equipment.

For more information, visit​.

Give A Dog Your Heart

Give a Dog Your Heart

By Aubrey Fine Ed.D.

Give a Dog Your Heart is an uplifting story about a boy named Corey and his childhood dog, Hart, his best friend. Their friendship spans over a decade and ends with Corey learning one of the hardest lessons in his young life: understanding and coping with death. This book provides children with a passionate story of love and hope and a message of how they can always cherish their loving relationship.

Monday Club 75 Slo City Sites

75 SLO City Sites, an architectural guide to historical San Luis Obispo.

The Monday Club

San Luis Obispo is a treasure trove of architectural gems and fascinating history. Some may think of it simply as a town of charming inns, farmer’s markets and boutique wineries, surrounded by picturesque mountains — and they would be right. But the heart of the community is much deeper than its outward appearance. The heart of the San Luis Obispo community has a strong historic background and we wrote this self-guided tour book with the intent to share some of our findings.

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