Gary G. Field
Author, Emeritus Professor at California Polytechnic State University and Accredited Senior Imaging Scientist

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Halftoning Strategies for Color Printing

Here is the explanation of how the "magic" of color printing depends upon the critical decisions made at the halftone micro structure level...

Halftone structure choices for color printing have presented ongoing challenges to inventors and practitioners alike. The two competing approaches: random element versus regimented element, keep reminding us of the trade offs that are made during the color reproduction process.

Author Gary G. Field explores halftone screening choices with the following quality-related factors in mind:

  • Resolution
  • Graininess
  • Moiré Patterns
  • Color Fidelity

Micro images of 33 samples are used to reveal the generally invisible elements which have been used for color pictorial printing. Accompanying explanations, include an expository first chapter and an integrated final chapter designed to guide halftone strategy choices.

This book is intended for technical people involved in screening choice, be it during the times of screening system invention, or when making a selection from the array of screening choices that face the user. Printing managers and sales representatives, as well as print buyers, will also benefit from an understanding of the halftoning choices that must be made on path to color printing excellence.

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About the Author

Gary G. Field is a leading authority on color reproduction and print quality. His contributions to the printing industry in these fields have been widely recognized through such awards as the TAGA Honors Award, the Institute of Printing’s Gold Medal, and the GATF Robert F. Reed Technology Medal.  

Professor Field, who was born in Melbourne, Australia, entered the printing industry as an apprentice camera operator in 1960. He worked as a color separator and printing technologist at a number of companies in Australia and England prior to being appointed supervisor of GATF’s Color and Photography Research Division. His research at GATF helped establish the basis for the SWOP guidelines. Subsequently, Professor Field has taught and conducted research in color quality related topics at Carnegie Mellon University and the California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, where he is now Emeritus Professor.  

Professor Field earned several qualifications in Melbourne prior to undertaking advanced studies in printing science and technology in England at the Nottingham Trent University. He also earned both the Fellowship and Insignia Award in Technology from the City and Guilds of London Institute, an MBA degree from the University of Pittsburgh, and Accredited Senior Imaging Scientist certification from the Royal Photographic Society.  

Author of the books Color Printing Excellence, Color and Its Reproduction, Color Essentials Volumes 1, 2, and 3, The Field Guide to Color Reproduction, Color Scanning and Imaging Systems, Tone and Color Correction, and Printing Production Management, Professor Field also has written over 80 technical articles and research papers. He coauthored, with George W. Jorgensen, Test Images for Printing, and authored the introduction and new material supplement for the updated reprint edition of John A.C. Yule’s Principles of Color Reproduction.  


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