Testimonials & Success Stories

Success stories and testimonials are one of the many ways that GrCI receives feedback about its workshops, custom training, and lab testing results. See what our clients and workshop attendees have to say!

GrCI Testimonial Pages

Flexo Bootcamp 101

Custom Training Success Stories

GrCI Custom Training programs are Training programs or workshops can be customized to meet the unique needs of specific companies. The GrCI will gather customer requirements and translate them into a curriculum that can be delivered at the GrCI facilities or on site...

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E-books and digital publishing

Workshop Testimonials

Workshops conducted by the Graphic Communication Institute are typically held at our training facility on the campus of Cal Poly State University. Workshops are geared towards a hands-on format, reflecting the “learn by doing” philosophy of the university. These GrCI training classes for the printing and imaging industries focus on state-of-the-art technology, advanced workflows and electronic digital imaging as well as traditional forms of printing...

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E-books and digital publishing

Lab Testing Success Stories

Leveraging the wide array of laboratory facilities contained within the Graphic Communication Department at Cal Poly, GrCI’s Lab Testing Services can provide you with answers to your ink, toner and substrate performance questions. Graphic arts businesses and suppliers routinely make use of these services to settle disputes over materials failure or investigate other potential problem sources. Tests will provide clients with an unbiased evaluation of substrate, ink and toner problems and report results are provided in compliance with published industry standards. The testing program at GrCI is geared towards printers, consumers and suppliers of paper, ink and toner...

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How has a GrCI workshop helped you or your company?

“Our staff haven’t stopped speaking about their experience at Cal Poly and what they learned there, and about how excited they are for the future. We hope to emulate the success of the Cal Poly program with our future apprenticeships and training programs. We very much appreciate the dedication of the Cal Poly staff to see that our personnel were given so much, in such a short period of time.”

                                                                                     —Bridge Publications Offset Training, 2009

“Professor Ken Rothmuller is a fantastic teacher! I appreciated [his] creativity, his obvious excellence and mastery in all the material he was sharing with us, and most of all his sense of humor and endless patience in answering my endless questions.”

                                                                                     —Deconstructing Web Pages, 2010

“Everything I expected! Good overview for a short amount of time.”

                                                                                       —Flexo Bootcamp, 2010

“Great presenters. Personable as well as knowledgeable. It was obvious that they cared and were well prepared to share their expertise.”

                                                                                      —Flexo FIRST 4.0, 2009


“I am very impressed by the intelligence and care of your professors and their energy level. I would recommend this program highly to anyone.”

                                                                             —Bridge Publications Offset Training, 2009

“Having a background in this area before I came in, I still learned a great deal and was very impressed with the range of knowledge presented. Great base of knowledge that I can build as a pressman in our new facility.”

                                                                             —Bridge Publications Offset Training, 2009

“I came in knowing nothing about this subject. I am totally amazed that I was able to learn so much that I can use in my job. I was able to keep up with much more experienced students. It was a fun experience I will never forget!”

                                                                            —Bridge Publications Offset Training, 2009

“In this two weeks I’ve learned more than all my 12 years printing.”

                                                                        —Bridge Publications Offset Training, 2009

“Extremely knowledgeable! Time well spent. I’ve never come out of a training so well informed and confident to be a better consultant to my customers!”

                                                                              —Canon Printing Industry Overview, 2007



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