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How can GrCI help you?

GrCI provides consulting services to those in the industry, including lean evaluations, workflow analysis, and equipment assessment. Faculty from the Graphic Communication Department and industry experts are available to provide their expertise and guidance on a multitude of topics, working at your location of choice to address both technology and management issues. GrCI can also provide graphic design, graphic production, and printing services via the student run printing organization, University Graphic Systems.

Recent Special Projects

Color Quality

Color Quality - A Judgment Skill, Spring 2016

A collection of guides and tools developed by Gary G. Field, Emeritus Professor at Cal Poly and accredited Senior Imaging Scientist, to help students become color experts. Includes Color Quality booklet, Color Reproduction Excellence pamphlet, and pocket-sized Color Quality checklist.

Literature Research Services

Cal Poly Offers Graphic Communication Literature Search Services, Spring 2016

Through the newly established Raymond J. Prince Graphic Arts Collection, the largest graphic arts library collection in the world, Cal Poly’s Graphic Communication Department, through the Graphic Communication Institute at Cal Poly (GrCI), is now offering literature searches for industry and education.

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“What’s Next?” From Past to Future in 50 Minutes

During this online event, Frank Romano will take 50 minutes to travel with us from memory lane to the information super highway and beyond. Get a glimpse into the future in this free webinar. Sign up now to reserve your space.

JPL & Cal Poly

Cal Poly and NASA/JPL's Partner in Building a Model for Effective Website Communication

The nation's leading robotic space exploration institution came to Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, California, for assistance in optimizing the effectiveness of its website development practices for communicating scientific, technical, and educational outreach information internally, nationally, and around the world.

IMPT Study

Emerging Technologies for Packaging Innovation

The Graphic Communication Institute at Cal Poly (GrCI), in partnership with Summit Media Group’s Packaging World, release a significant new study involving primary market research in packaging.

What does Media mean to you?

Survey: What does Media mean to you?

The Graphic Communication Institute at Cal Poly is conducting a study on what people think of media in their lives. We often hear that “print is dead” or that the Internet is the future. This study looks at what people think about their media options. The results will be of interest to publishers, printers, website developers, educators, parents, advertisers, marketers, media buyers, and others.

Flexo Bootcamp 101

Canvas Magazine — The world's first interactive printed electronic magazine cover!

The February 2011 issue of Canvas Magazine features the world’s first interactive printed electronic cover. Even though there has been another magazine that utilized E-Ink, this cover incorporates printed electronics in two important ways: user engagement and entirely printed circuitry. What’s more, this innovative cover used entirely familiar, commercially available materials and conventional printing equipment.

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