RT Imaging Summit and Expo

RT Imaging Summit and Expo 2015

On May 14 - 15, 2015, attendees, delegates, exhibitors, media, speakers and sponsors of the Toner Conference will join other imaging industry leaders at the South Point Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas for the two-day RT Imaging Summit & Expo, to examine advances in bio- and petro-toners, the impact of the growth of inkjet, industry trends, technical, marketing and legal issues.

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Keynote Speaker
Daniel Burmeister

Director of Sales for the Extended Materials Business,
Eastman Kodak


Burmeister, a former NFL player and a 25-year veteran of the imaging industry, is currently Eastman Kodak’s Director of Sales for the Extended Materials Business. Prior to joining Kodak, Burmeister served with other major imaging industry icons, such as Xerox and Océ.

Edward O’Connor

Patent attorney/Group Chair,
The Eclipse Group

John Shane

Communication Supplies Consulting Service, InfoTrends

Steve Weedon

Industry Consultant
and Commentator


Giovanni Giusti

Doxense Europe

Professor Harvey Levenson

Professor Emeritus,
Graphic Communication Dept.
Cal Poly State University

Rolang Tong

Roland Tong Law Offices


Session Themes

The program will include the latest updates on toner, inkjet, and commercial printing applications. Special sessions will include a Sponsor Panel and a Panel on current patent issues facing printers, software developers, and OEMs.

The themes addressed at the summit include:

  • Theme 1: Legal issues and Updates
  • Theme 2: Technology updates, Toner, Smartchips, OPCs
  • Theme 3: Markets, MPS
  • Theme 4: Technology updates: Inkjet, Wide format


  1. The global industry continues to be worth more than $80 billion, with companies investing millions into the research and development of better toners, inks and components.
  2. North America occupies 1/3 of the global printing consumables industry market.
  3. The aftermarket sector is expected to rise to 12% and 17% by 2016.
  4. Sectors like wide format and continuous supply are increasing
  5. OEMs and the aftermarket are finding common ground and are finding mature methods to fight common problems

Agenda & Sessions

Day 1: Thursday, May 14
Time Topic Speaker Title/Company
8:30am Registration & Coffee/Tea/Juice
8:54–8:57 inTOUCH TV news & SPONSOR 1 VIDEO    
9:00 Event House Keeping and Welcome
RT Media presentation
David Gibbons, Tony Lee, Lyndee Sing  
9:10 Material Sciences Development: Past, Present … and What's Coming Next Daniel Burmeister Director of Sales for the Extended Materials Business, Eastman Kodak
9:40 How will the outcome of the "first sale doctrine" court case challenge affect remanufacturing in North America? Ed O'Connor Patent attorney/Group Chair, The Eclipse Group
10:10 Fending off patent trolls and protecting OEM intellectual property Professor Harvey Levenson Professor Emeritus, Graphic Communication Dept., Cal Poly State University
10:40 OPEN MIKE FORUM 1: Will legal issues destroy remanufacturing? Are OEMs and remanufacturers at odds with each other? What opportunities exist for co-operation? Steve Weedon, Ed O'Connor, Roland Tong, Tricia Judge, Daniel Burmeister, Allen Westerfield, Dr. Harvey Levenson  
11:00 Delivering non-infringing solutions for printer cartridge chips Bob Bucknam Sales Manager, Zhono Corporation
11:15 Delivering the best non-infringing solution for the Canon OPC drum & dongle gear issue Richard Yu Managing Director
11:30 ‘Upcycling’ Waste Plastic to Manufacture Economical and Environmentally Friendly Toners Rick Lasko & James Furlong Rnano Inc.
12 noon Summit Challenge: Why Remanufacturers Need to Be Smarter about Imaging Patents Steve Weedon Industry Consultant and Commentator
12:30 OPEN MIKE FORUM 2: Is there a place, or is the return on investment too high, for the aftermarket to develop its own technologies, patents and non-infringing solutions in a maturing imaging supplies market? David Gibbons, Bob Bucknam, Richard Yu, Rick Lasko, James Furlong, Steve Weedon, Roland Tong, Tricia Judge  
12:52 – 12:57 DAY 1 WRAP UP & SPONSOR 2 VIDEO Prof Harvey Levenson  
1pm BUFFET LUNCH (sponsors and delegates only)
2:00 TUTORIAL 1: Patent Issues Facing the Imaging Industry Roland Tong & Tricia Judge Roland Tong Law Offices
4:00 TUTORIAL 2: The displacement of offset lithography by ink jet and toner-based digital presses in the commercial printing market Martin Jones Learning Instructor — The Learning Group, Konica Minolta
  End of Day 1


Day 2: Friday, May 15
Time Topic Speaker Title/Company
8:30am Registration & Coffee/Tea/Juice
8:54–8:57 inTOUCH TV news & SPONSOR 3 VIDEO    
9:00 Event House Keeping and Welcome
Graphic Communication Institute at Cal Poly presentation
David Gibbons, Lyndee Sing  
9:05 Trends and Factors Impacting Print Consumables in North America John Shane Director, Communication Supplies Consulting Service, InfoTrends
9:35 The Upsides to the decline in printed pages Christian Pepper Director of Sales — Distribution Channel, LMI
10:10 Industrial Evolution in the New Information Age Giovanni Giusti President, Doxense Europe
10:40 OPEN MIKE FORUM 3: What are the emerging market opportunities for print consumables Steve Weedon, John Shane, Giovanni Giusti, Christian Pepper  
11:00 How new inkjet technologies can win marketshare over other print technologies Ron Sarne Market Development Manager, Strategic Business Consultant, Indigo & Inkjet Graphic Solutions, Hewlett-Packard Company
11:30 Why the AfterMarket Color Market is Stuck Dr. David Cameron Cameron Consulting Group
12noon Mergers & Acquisitions: Where does this leave the imaging industry? Ian Elliott President, Print-Rite North America
12:30 OPEN MIKE FORUM 4: How can the threats facing the imaging industry be converted into opportunities Steve Weedon, Ian Elliott, Dr. David Cameron, Luke Goldberg, Patrick Church  
12:50 SPONSOR PANEL Prof Harvey Levenson, Tony Lee, selected sponsors  
1:10pm DAY 2 and EVENT WRAP UP Prof Harvey Levenson  
1:15 SPONSOR 4 VIDEO    
1pm BUFFET LUNCH (sponsors and delegates only)
5:00PM End of Day 2
Please note the timetable is subject to updates and last minute changes.


Sponsorship & Exhibitor Opportunites

All sponsors will have their logo featured on a large backdrop behind the speaker podium.
Additionally, there will be a “Sponsors Panel” as part of the conference.

Sponsorship Price
**Or in any amount of your choice to support the Summit
Round–trip Airfare—Lucky draw program for Summit attendees 1 @ $5,000
Official Show Bag with sponsor logo 500 @ $5,000
Badge and Lanyard for all exhibitors and visitors 500 @ $5,000
Expo Lucky Vouchers 10 @ $3,330
Lunch with three-minute video during summit + table signs 2 @ $3,300 each
On-site Hanging Banner/Flag 6 @ $3,300
Summit’s Gift 200 @ $2,500
Summit—Lucky Draw Gift 3 @ $2,500
Morning Coffee/Tea with 3-minute video played during summit 2 @ $2,500 each
On-site Pen with sponsor logo 500 @ $2,500
On-site Water Bottle with sponsor logo 500 @ $2,500
Show Guide Advertisement 1 @ $830
On-site X-stand Poster 6 @ $500
Website News Advertisement 1 @ $330
Social Media Advertisement 1 @ $330
Mail-shot Advertisement 1 @ $200


Expo Exhibit Booth Size Price
10’ x 20’ $6,840
10’ x 15’ $5,475
10’ x 12’ $4,380
10’ x 10’ $3,285

For more information visit: irecyclingtimes.com
If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, contact Lyndee Sing


Testimonials for 2014 RT Imaging Summit

“Coming on the heels of some recent patent litigation initiated by Canon, the timing of this meeting couldn’t have been better. It was actually a really nice show. It was informative and well worth the trip. I learned quite a bit about a side of the market that I should probably pay a lot more attention to.”

             - ANDY SLAWETSKY, President of Industry Analysis Inc.


“It was a good but modest start. For years there have been a decline of interest in any North American event. No one else is going to do what RT is doing. This summit needs to be used as a springboard to keep the momentum going. Actually the hard work is already done.”

            - STEVE WEEDON, Discover Imaging


“Because my view of the remanufacturing world is very specific, it was refreshing to be among people that are living in it every day and have a more robust understanding. Attending provided me with valuable insights and a new perspective that I might not have otherwise had.”

            - LIANA GREETIS, Industry Analyst at gap intelligence


Hotel Accommodation & Contact

South Point Hotel & Casino

9777 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, NV 89183

Call: +1-866-796-7111

Book a Reservation Online:
South Point Hotel and Casino


Use the group code RT 0512
to obtain the special rate
(please note the space between RT and 0512)



RT Media (USA): Ron Paperno

Email: ron.paperno@irecyclingtimes.com
Tel: +1-702-454-1229

RT Media (Head Office):
Victoria Zhao

Email: victoria.zhao@irecyclingtimes.com
Tel: +86 756 391 9263

GrCI at Cal Poly: Lyndee Sing

Email: lsing@calpoly.edu
Tel: +1-805-756-2645


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