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IDEAlliance G7 Training at GrCI

March 18 – 20, 2015

The GrCI is hosting a G7 training workshop.— The G7 Expert / Professional Training Program includes a blend of lecture and demonstration on how to apply G7 calibration and process control on any type of printing process, including offset, digital EP, or inkjet devices.

Printlandia Series

Printlandia 2014: Ink & Beyond
— The Series

May 22, August 19, & November 5, 2014

Join us for three intensive one-day seminars delivered on a quarterly basis in 2014 by industry thought leaders working in conjunction with the PPI Association. These were created to provide regional firms with a competitive edge in commercial, packaging, digital printing while developing new business strategy.

Flexo Bootcamp 101

Flexo Bootcamp 101

June 18 & 19, 2013

Over a two-day period, participants learned both theory and modern practice of flexographic workflow and printing using a narrow-web press. Participants built an Illustrator file, use EskoArtwork's Suite 7 to produce carbon mask digital plates, and then printed on a Mark Andy 2200 press, all using the Cal Poly “learn by doing” model of education.

Flexo Bootcamp 101

Flexo Bootcamp

june 11 & 12, 2012

Over a two-day period, participants will learn both theory and practice of modern file preparation, workflows, plate production and printing using a narrow-web flexographic press. Participants will build an Illustrator file, use Esko's AE12 to produce carbon mask digital plates, and then print on a Mark Andy 2200 press. We will use the Cal Poly Learn by Doing model of education.

E-books and digital publishing

E-Books and Digital Publishing

sept 25, 2010

This workshop focused on teaching the concepts and methods that turn static two-dimensional print projects into living, breathing e-publications. Attendees learned how to export e-books in EPUB, PDF, RTF and text formats using Adobe’s latest versions of InDesign and Acrobat, the advantages and disadvantages of various e-book formats, which formats have the greatest compatibility across e-readers, if you should avoid – or employ – Adobe’s Flash technology, simple techniques for generating PDF and EPUB e-books from InDesign, options for creating a more compelling user experience. All of these key concepts helped participants to understand the future of publishing.

E-books and digital publishing

Deconstructing Web Pages

sept 18 & 11, 2010

This workshop focused on the three fundamental technologies that are at the heart of every page: HTML (to specify the content), CSS (to specify the content’s style) and JavaScript (to describe the behavior). The course was taught in a studio (combined lecture and lab) setting using the latest hardware and software tools. Attendees had the opportunity to test their understanding by modifying and enhancing existing web pages. Using prebuilt pages for enhancements made more effective use of the valuable lab time. Each section of the course had take-away handouts to be used for self study after the course.

E-books and digital publishing

Photoshop: Basic Production for Web and Print


This short course gave participants the skills to prepare images for print and electronic delivery, concentrating on making images the right size for every purpose and making every image as good as it can be. Simple cropping, resizing and retouching was the focus, followed by practical retouching and enhancement techniques that can improve every image

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